Audio-Technica ATH-G1WL Gaming Headset Review // A REALLY Good Headset for Computer Gaming

The Audio-Technica ATH-G1WL pack a gaming punch unlike many other gaming headsets. AT has been making world-class headphones for a long long time, so for them to take a stab at the gaming market just makes sense. This headset is the wireless variety of the two newly released headphones. It connects wirelessly to a USB stick with a 2.4 gHz signal. From a digital 7.1 surround emulation, to a detachable microphone, to AT's signature sound, these were really good. As a non-gamer, I think I'll start gaming.

How to set your LOUDNESS using Adobe Audition (Simple) // Loudness tutorial for video


Well, technically, for web, -16 LUFS


Don’t worry about it. Just watch this video. If you have Premiere AND Audition, this is a very straightforward and simple process. The gist of the process is exporting your audio mix alone, as a stereo WAV file, and bringing that into Audition. Thankfully, Adobe Audition has robust loudness tools (much more-so than Premiere!), and you can basically analyze and set your loudness with a few clicks! Once you set the loudness, apply the changes, using the Match Loudness feature, you just simply bring the master track back into Premiere and sub out the rest of your audio. DONE. Simple. Perfect. Crispy.

How to Set Video LOUDNESS in Premiere Pro

Have you ever felt confused about video loudness? What are the standards for that? And if you find that out, how do you even find out how "loud" your video is? It can be very confusing. In this video I hope to break down this issue into very digestable nuggets of info that you can use to achieve consistent loudness over time! Premiere Pro has a handy tool called the "Loudness Radar" which analyzes in real time the average loudness of your audio. You can then use that data to make important mastering decisions to get your video to the correct loudness!