How to Set Video LOUDNESS in Premiere Pro

Have you ever felt confused about video loudness? What are the standards for that? And if you find that out, how do you even find out how "loud" your video is? It can be very confusing. In this video I hope to break down this issue into very digestable nuggets of info that you can use to achieve consistent loudness over time! Premiere Pro has a handy tool called the "Loudness Radar" which analyzes in real time the average loudness of your audio. You can then use that data to make important mastering decisions to get your video to the correct loudness!

The MOMENT LENS collab // Sound Design in Salt Lake, USA

Last week I had a last minute opportunity to fly out to Salt Lake City, Utah and film a series of videos with Moment Lenses! If you don’t know Moment, they are THE premier mobile photography company. They make lenses and other filmmaking accessories that seamlessly integrate with your smartphone. They also have one of the most entertaining and informative filmmaking Youtube channels you could find!!

SO, naturally when they called me I said “YESSS OKAY SURE YEP JUST LET ME KNOW WHEN WHERE AND HOW”

We spent the majority of the trip filming a short that’s meant to show off what good sound design can do - and that’s below: (And yep, I worked on this!)

After filming the short, Taylor and I sat down and had a wonderful conversation on camera about the importance of GOOD SOUND in your films! Something I’m obviously passionate about. That video is below:

AND FINALLY I made a bit of a vloggie recap from the trip. That’s below!!! THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN!