My brief thoughts on the #drone revolution

Drones are everywhere.  We've all seen everything from boring to breathtaking drone footage - especially if you spend anytime on Youtube.  Drones have completely taken on a life of their own in 2016 - and I didn't really think about them or care much before.  

Yes, I've hired drone operators to shoot for projects of mine multiple times because I thought it could provide a "pop" to my overall project - but I've never actually owned one!--Until December. 

After receiving my DJI Phantom 3 Pro, I couldn't wait to start learning how to fly it.  I spent the better part of January flying, and flying, and researching, and flying.  I started to feel really comfortable with the quadcopter and I no longer receive the intense adrenaline rush and fear that used to accompany the takeoff. 

Well, after taking the Phantom to Pomona Lake in the middle of Kansas last weekend, I captured some of the most breathtaking images I've ever taken.  I was blown away with this thing - and my ability to use it - after only a month.  BUT - I was really thinking about what this footage could do for me, for my brand, and I didn't come up with much.  I truly think that drone footage is only good in the context of a story or a project.  I mean, my family was definitely impressed with my footage from the lake, but that's because the inherent story there is that's our lakehouse - and seeing it from a new angle was totally breathtaking.  But for the general public, this footage was two ticks above meaningless!

So I concluded two things: first, drone footage is most powerful in context, as a piece of the puzzle, as a tool in the toolbox, supporting the broader narrative at hand.  The drone isn't a character itself (unless you're a multi-million-sub Youtuber - and then your drone is totally a character in your narrative - but 99.9% of us aren't those people).  Secondly, I wanted to create a small narrative about drones where the footage would support the narrative - thus being consistent with my own reasoning here.  SO, I shot and edited my fourth overall Vlog and uploaded this morning.  Go give it a watch and let me know what you think!


I plan on overcoming my #creativeblock this year by uploading Vlog content every Friday morning.  Next week I'll be reviewing the brand new Panasonic GH5, and I'm so excited about that.  Talk soon!