How to Find the Story in a Commercial Video Project

Story should always be the number one priority in any creative endeavor - especially video production.  If there's any reason mainstream "corporate" video production is not compelling, it's because there's no emphasis on the story!  When a video simply shares information with smiling faces and boring stock music, no one will be truly compelled to any meaningful action on behalf of the organization or business.  

I would say the most important step in video production is finding the story.  Personally, I've benefited tremendously from Donald Miller's 5-part story framework (designed for marketing, but effective anywhere).  This asks you to define a hero, the hero's problem, a guide, a plan, and a solution.  Using this in conjunction with video production has proven very effective in finding stories out of seemingly dry content.  

Try to incorporate a framework for defining and articulating a compelling story out of your project's narrative, and your project will benefit in every way.  Then, good cinematography, editing, sound design, and music will only support that underlying story in beautiful ways!

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