Run N Gun Audio Basics

This week I'm focusing on the basics for "Runnin and Gunnin" as they say.  Basically, what's the best possible way to capture the best possible audio without having to constantly monitor your levels?  Well, for me, I like having an on-board shotgun microphone to capture both close dialogue as well as ambient audio in front of the camera.  I also really recommend micing (miking?) your subject with some sort of wireless lavalier kit.  

For this project, I used the Rode Link Wireless set (retails at $399 on B&H) which has the best transmitter of any other mic in the $500+/- price range.  Obviously the higher price point, the better the wireless transmission becomes, but we're all limited by our financial resources.  

For onboard, you can't always have two mics, and you can't always have a big mic mounted to your rig - especially if you have a smaller camera.  I would say maximize your options with smaller shotguns that don't require phantom power like the Shure lens hopper or the Rode Videomic Pro - or just go for a wireless lav that connects with the 1/8th inch jack if you lack XLR inputs.  

The goal is to capture clean - not perfection - so set your levels lower than normal and use limiting tools if you have access to them in camera.  

DON'T RUIN THE MOMENTS WITH BAD AUDIO!! This week's vlog below: