The Beginning and The End is RELEASED

My latest music release, The Beginning and the End, is officially released today to all digital stores (including Soundcloud and Bandcamp - and of course Marmoset Music)!

This is my symphony; four movements woven together through musical and sonic themes. All attempting to tell the broad story of humanity. After learning about the Ought-Is-Can-Will framework, I was so compelled by those ideas that I wanted to write and produce this when I first started making music professionally in 2014. But, like all not-yet-paid work, I found reasons to put it off. Though, it was actually fear that kept me from creating. 2016 taught me (in part) I don’t have to fear anymore - so I did it.

Huge thanks to all those who helped make this a reality, from Sean David Dennis lending his beautiful violin skills, to Zane Callister and Jared Logan for coloring the sound a thousand times bigger and better through mixing and analog summing, Brian Calhoon for the mastering, and Grace Elizabeth Casey who designed the album art and articulated exactly what the music needed visually.

Go take 18 minutes out of your stressful day and listen through this (with headphones, duh), and hopefully it blesses you the way it’s blessed (or tortured, not sure yet) me.