My New Stereo Microphone(s)

I recently purchased the Rode Stereo Videomic X for use alongside my cameras for ambient, stereo audio.  The point of this week's review of the microphones wasn't necessarily to perform a comprehensive test on the mics, but to test out the "noise floor" or lack there of, generated by these mics.  This is important if you care about audio - because it's the subtle (yet irritating) hiss sound underneath all the audio the microphone is picking up.  

Well, the Rode Stereo Videomic X performed quite admirably, outperforming the XY mics on the Zoom H6 by a long shot!  Also, with the +20 dB output gain controls, you're able to effectively eliminate any unwanted noise from a camera's internal preamps as well!  If this sounds like a foreign language to you, you're not alone.  A bit more on this foreign language below: