The Tascam DR-10L Mini Recorder Mini Review

I did a mini review of this mini recorder because I really love this thing.  It's a tiny little high-quality audio recorder that comes with a very respectable sounding lavalier microphone.  The unit is meant to be clipped onto someones belt or pocket with "button lock" features that keep movement from disengaging the recording functions or altering the settings.  

Because this guy is so small, there aren't any easily adjustable gain settings and I would recommend recording at a medium gain with the limiter engaged while also having the dual recording function engaged which records an identical audio file at a lower gain for backup.  Overall, this Tascam recorder is a must have piece of gear for me, especially for live events, weddings, or other commercial production where you need reliable audio signals from someone who is moving around a lot.  This totally beats wireless transmitters for that type of application.  

This week's vlog below: