Droning at the #Lake again

This past weekend I took my DJI Phantom 3 to the lake again, this time to film not just the scenery, but fast-moving waterskiing.  I've wanted to try this ever since buying the drone last January.  

I will say, it was very difficult tracking the boat while operating smooth camera movements, and trying not to crash!  It used my brain in many ways - and I have a new respect for all professional drone operators! 

I think the best part of this whole thing was the evening light peaking through the clouds and coloring the water's reflection with beautiful golds and blues.  The Phantom 3 Pro doesn't have the best camera, especially as of today with the Phantom 4 Pro's sensor and even the incredible Zenmuse cameras for the Inspire, but with the right light it looks amazing!  

If you've followed along with any of my audio tutorials, you'll notice how I produced the VO here with a blue bluebird condenser mic, reflection filter, Golden Age preamp and all the 3rd party processors I've talked about for VO.  Also, there's some added wind noise to enhance the aerial shots, and of course perfect music from Young Collective!  Put on your headphones.  

Here's the edit below: