Comica Dual Lavalier Microphone Review

Comica sent me a double microphone set this week for me to review.  This is a lavalier pair of microphones that utilizes a direct box to combine the signals and send it through a 3.5mm jack into a camera, smartphone, or a recorder.  

This mic retails on Amazon for just over $80 so I knew I wasn't going to be dealing with a stellar sounding lav mic.  That story checked out as it was much muddier, less clear, and overall worse sounding than my other two lav mics.  That aside though, I wanted to see what this dual mic function was all about.  

Turns out, it's really just a way to get two mic signals into a camera if you're on a tight budget.  I didn't see much use for it other than that.  You can't individually adjust gain on each mic because they feed to the same place.  These mics do, however, plug into other recorders if you want to go that route.  The mics themselves retail for $20, so I'm not sure you would, being your a faithful reader or watcher of my Youtube channel and you value good audio like I do... so... 

The mic itself is rather large and bulky compared to other modern lavaliers so that was a knock against it as well.  

Overall I give it a 2/10 and don't recommend it at all for professional users.  Amateurs, though, go eat your heart out!!  Thanks Comica for the mic!

This week's Vlog below: