Rode Videomic Pro + Review

I was super impressed with the quality this little shotgun mic boasts inside such a little frame.  The Videomic Pro+ follows in the line of wildly popular on-camera shotguns like the Videomic, and the Videomic Pro, and the VideoMicro - all from Rode (everyone's favorite Australian mic company!)

The overall audio fidelity is good, lacking a touch on the high-end, and gently struggling with muddiness, this mic is definitely better than other on-camera shotguns like the Shure Lenshopper.  The BEST part of this new mic, other than the rechargeable internal battery, is the AUTO ON/OFF feature!!  This mic will sense when your camera is powered on or off and follow suit.  HUGE TECHNOLOGY IMPROVEMENT!!  Just shows you the Rode will continue to be a juggernaut in the video audio space as their R&D department is top-notch.  This week's Friday Show below: