The Shure SM7B

I recently purchased the Shure SM7B and WOW I'm already head over heels in love with this mic!! The main reason I'm in love with it, other than it's iconic status, beautifully classic design, and great sound, is that it's a high-quality dynamic microphone.  The reason that is so important to me is in the nature of a dynamic mic.  The coils that vibrate in response to audio sound waves are tough and durable, making these mics able to pick up loud sounds quite cleanly, which also lends it NOT to pick up much far away from the mic.  This helps the SM7B shine as a Voiceover or broadcast use microphone as it really zeros in on picking up the human voice right in front of it, not the reflections off the walls or anything else going on in the room.   Pair this thing with a clean boost like a Cloudlifter mic activator, and/or analog mic preamplifier, and BOOM you've got a solid gain, low noise, high quality mic signal for your enjoyment.  Great purchase, 10/10 on this mic.  I'm in love.  This week's Friday show below: