The $1,600 Canon EF 85mm f1.4 IS VS The $350 Canon EF 85mm f1.8 // A Lens BATTLE

I sat down the other week and REALLY wanted to know, what's the difference in lens quality that makes one 85mm $350, and the other $1,599!!  What could possible drive the price up that high!

Well, as you'll see in this video, it's really hard to distinguish right off the bat - you need to see the lens in context, see how it adds character or, doesn't, to a scene.  See the colors/contrast/sharpness and compare them (keeping all other things standard of course).  

Then of course after you do all of that, you can look at the quantifiable differences.  1.4 is so much wider than 1.8 - Image Stabilization is massively value adding, and to think IS exists on something SO wide open in aputure! It's pretty amazing.  

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