T H E / N U R A P H O N E S / An Honest Review of a Fascinating HiTech Bluetooth ANC Headphones

THE NURAPHONES. Man. I've wanted to try these out ever since I first saw them on Unbox Therapy back in February of 2018. Since then, too, I've been assaulted by non-stop targeted ads for these fancy, tech forward cans all day every day.

In those ads, there are audio professionals being "wowed" by either the personalization, or the bass, or both - not sure. Some of them say astounding things like "these sound more personalized than Wilson Audio". SO again, I had to try. Nura didn't want to loan me a pair so I had to just buy them. Which is fine. I can return them if they're garbage.

So - I want you to watch the video and experience these with me - but let me just say I, too, was blown away by the sound. Soaring highs, rich, massive lows, textures and colors are more real and immersive, music manifests itself as light for me in these, I mean - just wonderful sound. I really hate some of the gimmicky things the headphones do, I also hate proprietary cables. But overall I'm keeping them. I wish I could customize my sound instead of being at the mercy of the software, I also wish the earbuds were a bit more comfy.