BEST BUDGET USB MIC REVIEW // The Shure MV51 USB $200 Microphone

I was so impressed with this mic not only because it's a true USB or Lighting connected mic, but it actually sounds GOOD! What an excellent product for podcasters, musiciains and filmmakers on a budget.

So many mics require the use of an external recorder, or an audio interface and preamps, and other ways to digitize the analog signal - well USB mics take care of that issue all in the mic! But traditionally, many USB mics on the market suffer in quality. That's where the legendary company, Shure, stepped up and created a versatile, beautiful, and great sounding mic in the MV51. Really impressed.

Eargasm High-Fidelity Ear Plugs Review // Protect your ears but don’t lose the experience!

I LOVE high-fidelity earplugs for live music and driving, and I've never experienced any as high-qual qual as the Eargasm version. I picked these up the other day and went to a show in Downtown KC (Hembree, check em out) and I was blown away.

WHAT a good experience. No other earplug protects my precious eardrums while allowing beautiful sound to come through. Also, they're so easy to remove when the show is over, or if you're chatting outside for a minute. They're also incredibly discreet inside your ears - not grabbing of attention at all.

I would fully recommend you check these out if you like music but hate losing your hearing. Protect while maintaining the experience with Eargasms.

The BeyerDynamic DT770 Pro Headphone Review // 250 Ohm Version

Beyerdynamic has an industry standard reference headphone called the DT770 pro. These cans just blew me away, especially with their price point which was only $180! This week I'm reviewing them, alongside all the other professional monitoring headphones I currently possess. Despite a few downsides including pretty severe sibilance issues, these quickly became my GO TO closed back for working in the studio. Love it. Love you. Thanks for watching.

Noise REDUCTION and Restoration in Adobe Audition 2018

If you've ever recorded an interview, you know you can't really control much of the "ambiance" or room tone in the particular location you're in.  Sometimes that's the air conditioner, other appliances, or even a cheap microphone with a loud hissing noise floor.  These elements can clutter your video mix and cause problems. Adobe audition noise reduction and restoration tutorial. How do you remove unwanted noise? How do you use the noise reduction plugin in Adobe Audition? Hopefully this helps! 2018 Version.